Your Sales, Marketing, and Distribution Partner

Medical Sales and Marketing Experts

For over 50 years we’ve been a trusted partner to help accelerate sales, introduce new products to market, and provide top-notch distribution services.

KOL Bio-Medical is a specialty distributor committed to bringing emerging medical technologies to the market.

Who We Are

KOL Bio-Medical. A trusted team of experts for over 50 Years

We have been trusted partners to the world’s foremost organizations since 1970, and we continue to uphold our name as experts in medical sales and distribution.

Our specialty is bringing new products to market, whether new concepts or tweaks of existing product design. Whichever your need, our goal is to help you achieve quick growth and lasting brand recognition in the hospital market.

We take action to move or create markets.

New Product Introduction

We’ve helped launch some of the largest company’s products in this industry. Our market expertise and experience can help introduce new concepts into the hospital setting quickly and strategically.

Accelerated Growth

Do you have a need for rapid growth or entry into a new market sector? Let us supercharge your sales with our experienced team of professionals.

Building your Product Portfolio

KOL can help you build your brand into a recognizable name in the medical market. New product ideas, extensions of an existing design? Let us help you expand and grow.

Our Geography

KOL Direct and our KOL Sales Network.

On the East Coast we have a Direct Team of Sales Professionals. Outside of our direct team, we have a strong network of trusted sales professionals a various geographies throughout the U.S.

Our Services

Sales and Marketing. Market Intelligence. Distribution.

Regional Specialty Sales

Over the past 50 years hundreds of companies have contracted with Kol as a sales partner. Our direct sales representatives have established relationships throughout acute care centers on the east coast and are a highly trained, clinically-oriented team. We are experts at bringing new products to market by bringing a high level of credibility and being able to gain fast access to customers throughout the hospital/healthcare market. 

We seek to create long term partnerships with medical device companies by being the best sales team for hire in the world. Our goal is to not only build sales growth, but also to build a solid brand that can be very valuable.

National Distribution

Kol is a high level sales team that can bring your medical device to market. We are also a registered FDA importer and warehousing facility, which allows us to have to have the capacity to manage the entire supply chain and sales cycle for medical devices throughout the entire country. 

Kol can manage any and all aspects of your nationwide sales strategy. Our capabilities include importing, warehousing, marketing, and high level sales efforts. These sales efforts include aggressively marketing products, establishing GPO/IDN contracts, maintaining relationships with JIT suppliers, FDA reporting, and more. We are a complete end-to-end solution for bringing medical devices to the U.S. market.


More than 50 years of logistics and “box moving” experience in the healthcare market. Many companies have partnered with Kol for all aspects of the supply chain: customer service, warehousing, and pick/pack/ship. 

Our facility is located minutes from Washington Dulles International Airport which makes an ideal location for not only U.S. based devices, but international companies wishing to enter the United States healthcare market.